Ramon: This contest is not a war

by Kemal Shahin 38 views

Today Spain held their third press conference, the first after the result of the ten winners from last night qualifier round. Ramón was asked about his views on the winners, changes to his entry based on the result last night and the press heard about composer Kike Satanders career so far.

Ramón was asked about his favoruites from the winners last night and he replied with Cyprus, Ukraine and Greece. When asked about whether he was worried by the rivalry he replied, �This contest is not a war so I am not afraid of them, we are all friends.� He also told of how he will not be changing his performance after watching the semi final because, �The Spanish audience chose this song with this style. We believe in our song and we love it�.

Mr Santander the composer of the Spanish Entry �Para Llenarme de ti� �was asked about his career to date. He told of how this is his first ever Eurovision Song Contest and how he has previously worked with the likes of Jenifer Lopez, Marc Antony and Carlos Santana, as well as winning three Grammy Awards along the way.

The conference ended with Ramón being presented with bannanas and Canary food called Gofia as he originates from the Canary Islands.

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