Award for the winner announced!

by Sietse Bakker 228 views

During a press conference which is currently taking place, the award for the winner of the 49th Eurovision Song Contest has been revealed! We have the first photos!

During the press conference, the hosts for the upcoming contest have been introduced. Korhan Abay, who we interviewed during last night's welcome reception, and Meltem Cumbul, attended the press conference too. The hosts gave a sneak preview of their first script lines during Wednesday's qualifier round.

Meltem Cumbul was asked how this show might influence her carreer: “First of all, I am extremely proud to host this show (…) but I don't think about my further carreer now”. Korhan Abay told the audience that he has the pleasure to host the show with “the most beautiful and talented partner” he could imagine.

During the press conference, it appeared that Korhan and Meltem wrote a first script themselves. To avoid a theatre play, Korhan Abay promised us that “it will look naturally”.

At the picture you see the award for the winner of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

:: Check out the gallery of the press conference!

Initially, wrote that TEAM Marketing is involved with writing the script, which appears to be a mix-up between two stories. TEAM Marketing only assisted with writing the explaination of the voting system.

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