Believe me… all participants are winners!

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A different approach has been taken by Channel One in Russia this year in selecting their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. From the thousands of songs submitted, they chose one they felt would be competitive, that follows the format of the Eurovision Song Contest. They selected a song by pop producer and composer Maxim Fadeev.

The second press conference took place this afternnoon of Russian singer Julia Savicheva, who will sing Believe me in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Head of Delegation began the session by thanking all the journalists for attending, and hoped that they liked the rehearsals and choreography – as Julia is accompanied on stage by four male gymnastic dancers.

The first question from the audience asked whether Julia had considered acting in films, considering what an attractive woman she is? She said that she would like very much to make a film, but before that she would ahve to graduate from the Institute of Art.

At 17, an age when most teenagers like to be away from their parents, what was her relationship with her father, whom she works with? She said her mother plays piano, while her father is a drummer, who accompanies her during tours in Russia, and he takes part in everything she does, and is very supportive, for which she is grateful, but he is also shy and
doesn't disturb her movements.

As well as competing in the forthcoming contest, Julia was in the world best contest World Idol, where although the show was shown around the world, and everything was perfect, the result was disappointing. How would she feel if the Eurovision Song Contest result was not as good as expected? The reply was “I'm ready as for victory and also to fall. I will not be disappointed so much if I fail, because I believe that all that participate in the Eurovision are already a winner!”

Would the single be released in Europe? The Musical Director of their channel felt that it would be inevitable, as they believe the song will be competitive with other songs released this Summer in Europe, he added one little remark, that the song has no Russian version.

It was no secret that the Russian market is different from the world market, and last year they only managed to export one group (t.A.T.u), which wasn't so good.

On the subject of last year, and the appeal made by Channel One about the voting, in particular that of Ireland. What had they hoped to achieve by the appeal? Not the result was the answer, but wanted to show that the contest is very honest, and the EBU had confirmed this by their actions, in only having one provider (Deutsche Telecom) handle the voting. With these administrative issues solved, the contest is as clear as it should be.

Inevitably the contest concluded with Julia required to sing to the audience, she performed a brief few lines from I will always love you

Russia participates in the final on 15th May.

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