Linda Martin: “Chris Doran won't win”

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Linda Martin, the Irish winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1992, doesn't believe in the chances of her compatriot Chris Doran to reach the same spot as she did 12 years ago.

Linda Martin, who won the Eurovision Song Contest with Why me? in 1992 and who is as well one of the judges in the Irsish talent show You 're a star, has said in an interview that she doubts whether Chris Doran can win for Ireland this year:

I don't think he can win it, competition is very tough this year. However I'm convinced he can get a better result than Mickey Harte and will finish in the top 10. He has a lot going for him, he is a tall, good looking friendly guy and I'm sure the Europeans will like him.

After having listened to all 2004 participants, Linda Martin is tipping Swedish singer Lena Philipsson to win the Eurovision Song Contest with It hurts. Looking back to Linda's previous predictions, she had a point with predicting a flop of Gary OShaughnessy and a good result for Eamon Toal.

Yesterday afternoon, Chris Doran left Dublin for Istanbul together with 600 Irish fans. On Friday former Westlife singer and co-writer of Chris Doran's song If the world stops turning Bryan McFadden will join the Irish delegation in Istanbul along with his wife Kerry.

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