Ruslana performs in front of press tent

by Sietse Bakker 85 views

By coincedence, we catched Ruslana in front of the press tent giving an interview to a Greek camera crew. What was meant to be an interview, almost became a complete performance of Wild dances!

It's obvious that there is a huge promotion machine behind the second Ukrainian participant. Yesterday, the promotional team behind Ruslana approached press representatives with some exclusive promotion material: a Ruslana bag, with Ruslana CD, Ruslana DVD, Ruslana note block, Ruslana flags and more Ruslana stuff!

Today, Ruslana and her promotion manager Vasyl take some time to walk around the press centre, which attracted more attention than other delegations. Although the attention is not as big as last year for t.A.T.u., it was clear that Ruslana is one of the favorites for this year's victory, which doesn't neccesarily means anything.

Ruslana performed the chorus of Wild dances in front of the press centre while giving interviews and taking pictures with fans. In moments, Ukraine will rehearse for the second time this week and esctoday.com will be present!

:: Check out the gallery of Ruslana outside and inside now!

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