Israeli press conference: David D'or believes

by Gordon Roxburgh 71 views

The second press conference of David D'or, the Israeli entrant, who performs Le'ha'amin took place this afternoon. Flanked by three additional security personnel on stage, the conference mainly centred on his vocal range, his family, and whether he would do the Eurovision Song Contest again?

The conference began with the Head of Delegation thanking TRT for their organisation and hospitality at this years' event, before the questions commenced from the journalists.

Before we even have the result of this years contest, the first journalist optimistically asked if it would be Tel Aviv instead of Jerusalem to host next years' contest? The diplomatic reply was that they would of course have to wait and see the result of this year, but if it happened then it is something they would consider.

David was also asked about the other songs, and whether he had heard them yet? He had heard them all and thought that there was “quite a few beautiful songs this year”, but was diplomatic when pressed to ask which ones', especially as he was in the same hotel as quite a lot of the singers!

On the subject of singing, he was asked about his vocal talents. This he said had come from when he was young, as he was always singing, and when he came to the age when his voice would be breaking, he continued to work on keeping the high range of notes, which to his surprise actually stayed with him, and he then went onto develop the lower voice part of his voice. For a while he was quite shy to sing, as it is unusual in Israel for someone to sing with such a high voice, but now it is “part of me”.

His three year old daughter had been present earlier in the week, and he was asked how he would feel if she wanted to become a singer when she is older. He said singing is something that is inside of you, when he was young his parents wanted him to become a lawyer or a doctor, but it is the urge of love to sing, and if she wanted to do it, he certainly wouldn't stop her, although he knew that it is a hard buisness to be in.

He had earlier been quoted as saying that the Eurovision Song Contest is “Not the peak, but a dream, so he was asked to clarify this remark. He said it had been a childhood dream to sing in the Eurovision Song Contest, which he has now carried out, and he thinks of his Mum and Dad when he is singing.

Would he do the Eurovision Song Contest again? He didn't rule it out, saying at this moment he was too tired to consider it, as he is so involved with this years' event, but “maybe one day…”. The conference concluded with invitations being given out for this years Blue & White party.

Israel participates in the qualifying round on 12th May.

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