Eurovision heart all over Istanbul

by Itamar Barak 171 views

The Turks have managed to follow the footsteps of previous hosts in many aspects, including the appearance of the host city during the week.

The new permanent logo of the song contest, the famous heart, is visible in almost every street or avenue in this bustling city. Flags with the heart logo are all hung on lamp poles in the streets of center Istanbul and in the streets leading to the venue and official delegations hotel. The most impressive sign is on the central building of the Turkish broadcaster, TRT, in central Istanbul where a huge sign is hung on the big building, visible from a very long distance. Official logo posters are also posted all over the city with this year's slogan in turkish Aynı gökklubbe altında, which means of course Under the same sky.

Fans and journalists, who have already travelled to Eurovision in the past, noticed that however the contest ends or whatever quality of organization it will eventually have, there is no doubt that the Turks are enthusiastic of hosting this contest and its enough to walk the streets of this city to be aware of that.

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