Estonia: a new language for Eurovision

by Gordon Roxburgh 223 views

At the first press conference of the Estonian artists Neiokõsõ (Lasses), much of the focus was on the choice of language for the entry, as it is an ancient South Estonian dialect, that not even many Estonians understand!

There were suggestions from the press that the song was similar to the Belgian runner up in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest, Sanomi sung by Urban Trad. That song was sung in an imaginary language, while this year's Estonian entry is sung in a minority language and goes against the current trend of songs being performed in English. However, it was pointed out that this was the choice of the public, who for the first time chose the Estonian entry by means of televoting, as they realised it was a “good song”. The song translates as The way in English.

As Tii is different from virtually all other Estonian entries to date, the group were asked if they thought there were any similarities to previous Estonian Eurovision songs. They thought that maybe it could be compared to the 1999 entry Diamond of night, as that song had a slightly “Celtic” style too.

This is the first time the artists have made a recording as a group, they are considering to make an album together in the future.

Estonia participates in the qualifying round on 12th May.

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