Albanian dancers gone in favour of singers

by Gordon Roxburgh 117 views

At the first ever Albanian press conference held this morning, the delegation revealed that they had decided to replace the dancers previously seen in the video for backing vocalists, as they wanted to give more emotion to the song. They also felt that singers were more important in the presentation than the dancing.

The Eurovision Song Contest is extremely popular in Albania, it is one of the most watched programmes in the country. Even in the pre communist era many people found ways to watch the programme, but has been broadcast in its own right by Albanian television for at least over ten years now.

However for 17 year old Anjeza Shahini, who celebrated her birthday on 4th May, her memories of the contest are more recent, and could only recall last years' event, and liking the Turkish entry of course! Apart from singing her other main hobby is sport.

If the song is successful in terms of reaction and result, then there is the possibility of a CD album from Anjeza. All her backing singers have come from the same pop idol type show the “Krasta Show & Fevers” and are individual artists in their own right.

The delegation was asked if they had received any external advice from other countries, but apart from some technical advice from Switzerland, everything else had been conducted internally.

Albania participates in the qualifying round on 12th May.

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