Walloon Belgians refuse to broadcast qualifier round

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Walloon broadcaster RTBF refuses to broadcast the qualifier round of the Eurovision Song Contest on 12 May, officially because it wouldn't fit in their program schedule. Russia, Poland and France who earlier announced that they would not broadcast the qualifier round either will, as a result, not be able to participate in the voting until the Final on May 15th.

Walloon broadcaster RTBF decided not to broadcast the qualifier round of the Eurovision Song Contest. The European Broadcasting Union has not given a reaction yet, but keeping in mind that other countries who won't broadcast the qualifier round did not get the right to vote in it, EBU probably won't be happy about RTBF's decision. Since France won't broadcast the qualifier round either, the French speaking Belgians will have to watch the qualifier round on Flemish TV1, which can as well be watched in Wallonia.

According to RTBF the broadcast doesn't fit in their program schedule of Wednesday 12th May. Flanders knows better… It's no secret anymore that Eurovision gets no attention in the French speaking part of Belgium. This year's 'Belgian' entry 1 Life, elected by the Flemings, gets no airplay in Wallonia and thus even didn't reach the charts there. The average Walloon does not even have a clue who represents Belgium this year.

Certainly to be continued…

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