First rehearsals Israel, Andorra and Portugal

by Sietse Bakker 94 views

After Finland, Belarus, Switzerland and Latvia, three more countries passed their first rehearsal on stage quite successfully! And your photographer did a great job again!

Israel: instruments on stage
During the performance of Le'ha'amin, instruments appeared on stage. Even though they cannot be played live during the contest, the Israeli delegation decided to create some atmosphere on stage! On 10th May, the Israeli delegation will give a huge party, about which we will tell you more soon!

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Andorra: nice girl!
Marta Roure seems to be a friendly person! After the first rehearsal of this brand new Eurovision Song Contest participant, which went pretty okay, Marta took enough time to take some pictures with her fans.

Portugal: to final or not to final?
During the Portuguese rehearsal, spoke with two Portuguese fans who didn't seem to be convinced of the Portuguese success this year: “It's a good song, but I am afraid that's not enough to reach this year's final”, one of them said. On the contrary, others said that Foi magia sounds much more powerfull on stage compared with the CD version. During the press conference we took some pictures of Sofia!

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