Julie & Ludwig are Singing this song

by Gordon Roxburgh 40 views

There was almost more singing that talking at the first conference for Malta this afternoon, as singers Julie & Ludwig treated the audience to a duet Last night of the world from Miss Saigon, and Julie sang some of the Celine Dion hit My heart will go on.

The conference started with questions about the origin of the song. Philip Vella the composer said he wanted to do something different, by using the vocal talents of the singers, but by also making it a pop song. He also said the idea of starting the song with some laughter had evolved, as they wanted to be a happy fun song, and that this would set the audience up for what was to follow.

Gerard James Borg who wrote the lyrics, said they had come to him when he thought about Julie & Ludwig and their relationship which had been on again and off again, adding that it was on again at the moment!

They were also questioned about the involvement of the German composer Ralph Siegel, who arrives in Istanbul on Thursday to add his support, he had added more beats to give it a sort of continuity and make it more of a pop song. They had also listened to advice from various previous Maltese participants as they could learn from them, and hopefully make further improvements.

The Eurovision Song Contest is a huge event in Malta and that “it would be fantastic for our country to win it”, but Julie added that she had not thought about whether it would change their lives if that happened.

If they were successful in getting through the qualifying round, there are no plans to change the costumes or the choreograohy, as “why change something that works?”

Malta participates in the qualifying round on 12th May.

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