Finland, Belarus and Switzerland did their thing

by Sietse Bakker 40 views

The first rehearsals for the qualifier round of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest took place! Finland, Belarus and Switzerland completed their rehearsals. The press conferences after the rehearsals brought us some interesting information!

Finland: red, white and black on the big night
Jari Silanpää, who gave an excellent performance of Takes 2 to tango during the first rehearsal on stage, said that he and his backings will be dressed in red, white and black during the qualifier round. “I am happy to enter the stage as first on the big night, because I might become nervous when I have to see other participants singing before me”, he said.

Belarus: instruments of clay
This year, Belarus joins the participating countries at the Eurovision Song Contest, just like Albania and Andorra. During the rehearsal, many fans and journalists were silently singing the song, so apparently many already know it by heart! During the press conference, guided by a translator, Aleksandra and Konstantin talked about instruments of clay and the recording of their video. Interesting, though!

Switzerland: “A lot needs to be done”
During the Swiss rehearsal, asked the present fans for a comment on the first Swiss rehearsal. Louis from Switzerland says: “I think a lot needs to be done before 12th May”. That should say… enough?

:: Click here to watch a photo gallery of the Swiss rehearsal

Next countries rehearsing are Latvia and, after lunch, Israel and Andorra. Stay tuned for more news from the spot!

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