Mart Sander is most likely to be one of the hosts

by Remi Kübar 50 views

Mart Sander is concidered as the most serious candidate for the host of ESC2002 final concert. “All members of the commission favour him, only the Minister of Culture Signe Kivi is against his candidature. This means a lot”, sayed a close person to the desicionmakers for SLÕhtuleht.

“We haven't made any desicions or even discussed it yet, but at the end of this week the desicion will be made”, claimed Juhan Paadam, the main coordinator of ESC 2002. “It's sad that all kinds of rumours spread.”

In the survey among the tv-audience of Estonia Mart Sander was far more favoured than any other candidate.

Although The Minister of Culture Signe Kivi is against Sanders' candidature, she sayed to SL Õhtuleht that she is not going to interfere in the choosing of the hosts. There might be some personal conflicts, but nobody knows for sure.

“The organizing team has spoken to all the host candidates. We have agreed that we are not going to publish the details how the hosts will be chosen.” sayed Raivo Suni, Press Chief of ESC2002.

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