Paul and Fabrizio angry on Dutch television host

by Sietse Bakker 44 views

Paul and Fabrizio, better known as Re-union, represent the Netherlands at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest with the song Without you. In an interview with our colleagues of eurosong.nl, they expressed their anger about statements made by the Dutch television host Carlo Boszhard.

Passion for the contest
Carlo Boszhard hosts the programme Life & Cooking, together with his colleague and friend Irene Moors, every Sunday afternoon on the popular commercial channel RTL4. Carlo's passion for the Eurovision Song Contest already motivated him to send in a song for the Dutch national selection last year, but the selection committee was not convinced of his writing qualities. During last Sunday's edition of Life & Cooking, Ruth Jacott performed as guests. In a conversation, Carlo Boszhard expressed his disappointment about the song. “We're not going to make it with this”, he said.

“Don't burn it down!”
“When you don't like our song, it's not neccesary to burn it down in the media”, Fabrizio said about the statements made by Carlo Boszhard. “I do respect his opinion, but this song represents the Netherlands and you can be proud on that”, Fabrizio added.

Esctoday.com asked Carlo Boszhard for a reaction on Fabrizio's comments. “It's just my personal opinion (…) I don't think this song is a winner. They seem to be nice guys to me, but when I have thoughts about the song I don't see a reason why not to be honest”, Boszhard said.

Dutch song selection
The television host also said something about the selection of the songs for the Dutch Nationaal Songfestival: “For the general Dutch audience, it's unclear who is responsible for the selection of the songs. Why don't they ask a small team of professional and well-known people, responsible for the selection for two or three years!? If they fail to select a song that ends up high, give them a second chance. If they fail for the second time, select another team. By giving a few people the responsibility, I think we have much more chance”.

Carlo Boszhard also had a friendly note for Paul and Fabrizio: “Although my opinion is clear, I hope I am not right and they'll reach a high position at the Eurovision Song Contest”.

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