New album and financial problems for Tose Proeski

by Sietse Bakker 44 views

Tose Proeski, who will represent FYR Macedonia with the song Life is, released his fourth album entitled Den za nas. During a press conference, Tose's manager Liljana Petrovich spoke about the album and financial problems for the team behind the Macedonian Eurovision Song Contest entry.

International promotion
Meanwhile, the Macedonian representative visits other countries to promote his Eurovision Song Conteste entry. Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia & Montenegro have already been touched! In the meantime, the team prepared for the qualifier round on 12th May. Petrovich revealed that the choreography will be developed by the same person who was responsible for the choreography of XXL in 2000 and for Karolina in 2002. “It will not be like most Eurovision Song Contest choreographies (…) but something more original and interesting. Tose will be dressed in white colored jacked that is a variant of the one used in the video clip”, the manager explained.

According to Tose's manager, the trip to Istanbul is a financial problem for the delegation. The recording of the video clip of Life is, which is said to have cost EUR 65,000, might have caused the problematic financial situation. If that isn't enough, the preferred backing vocals asked high compensations for their performance on the Eurovision Song Contest stage.

FYR Macedonia or Macedonia?
According to our source, Tose Proeski thought about cancelling his participation to the Eurovision Song Contest, because he became aware that he will sing under the country name FYR Macedonia. Heavy discussions are taking place on different forums about the question wether this name is correct or not. Macedonians prefer to see the name Macedonia, while the European Broadcasting Union and several other international organisations use the name FYR Macedonia.

Without discussing which name is right and which one is wrong and with respect to the Macedonian members, esctoday.com follows the official EBU guidelines when it comes to country names. Though, esctoday.com will discuss the matter with the European Broadcasting Union.

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