Slovenia: No interest in Platin

by deus ex mashina 72 views

Slovenian media, especially the national broadcaster RTVSLO, have appearently given up on this year's Slovene Eurovision Song Contest entry Platin. No video has been made nor it will be and with RTVSLO announcing cutting their expenditures, things don't look very good for Platin.

News on Platin's preparations for Istanbul are only occasional and cannot compare to last year's media coverage of Karmen Stavec. RTVSLO's Ema website has been updated only once since the Slovenian national final took place.

Despite the bad result for Slovenia, Nanana or Lep Ooletni Dan as it is called in Slovene, became the most played song on Slovene radios in 2003. Platin's Stay Forever is far from repeating Karmen's success… Ema runners-up Alya and Ro�marinke were obvious radio favourites with their respective entries.

Also enjoying more success is Platin's backing singer Peter Janu�, winner of an Idol-type TV talent show, who has released his debut album a few weeks ago. Many believe that Platin's Ema victory has a lot to do with his current popularity.

Eurovision Song Contest is one of the media events that is suffering from announced savings by Slovene national broadcaster RTVSLO. Slovenian delegation to Eurovision will be smaller and RTVSLO has decided not to finance a Slovenian party in Istanbul nor to provide any money for the video of the Slovenian song Stay Forever. Diana and Simon of duo Platin have already announced that they will try to get money from various sponsors for both the video and the promotional party in Istanbul.

Meanwhile, Platin is continuing the quiet preparations for the qualification round on 12 May. The styling will be done by Uro� Belantič and studio Oktober, the team responsible for the air hostess outfits worn by Sestre in Tallinn in 2002. Simon proposed to Diana in the Slovenian national final; what do they have prepared for the Eurovision stage?

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