Four more countries submit restyled song to EBU

by roel 68 views

Restyling songs to make the best out of a participation at the Eurovision Song Contest seems to be popular this year. Also Poland, Turkey, Finland and Latvia submitted a restyled version of their song to the European Broadcasting Union.

It's seems to be popular this year to restyle and prepare your song for the Eurovision Song Contest. Four more countries did so: Poland, Turkey, Finland and Latvia.

Poland's Blue Café increased the spanish touch of their Love Song. The Finish song Takes 2 to tango will be performed even more powerful by Jari Sillanpää.

Turkey's Athena made dramatical changes to the lyrics of For real. And finally Latvia, represented by Fomins & Kleins will perform Dziesma par laimi with a new intro and more beats.

more information to follow…

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