Germans believe in Max

by Oliver Rau 64 views

Most Germans are confident of Max' chances in Istanbul, as a recent poll shows: 40% of all interviewees were positive about a possible victory for Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 – or a top score at least. Younger people were even more optimistic: 56% of the under 30 years olds declared their trust in Max.

The poll was held by the renowned research institute Emnid for TV magazine TV Today. 1,001 representatively selected people were asked. Only 30% declared their dislike either for the song Can't wait until tonight, the singer or both.

The strong support for 22 year old singer Max from younger Germans correspondents with the success of this year's national final in this age group: although the total audience share of Germany 12 points! slighty decreased from last year, the show won the lion's share in the target group of viewers between 14 and 49 years, with 3.49 million viewers (28,2% share) in this age group. In total, 5.5 million Germans watched the final (17,8% share). A record 2.35 million phonecalls and SMS-votes were counted in both voting rounds, more than twice the number of 2003.

“Eurovision Song Contest is young again”, Dr. Jürgen Meier-Beer of NDR said in an interview. “Via the young audience, we found a musically credible representant for Istanbul.”

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