First bookmaker started Eurovision bets

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Bookmaker Coral/Eurobet started the bets for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul! Ireland and Sweden are currently leading the bets with a 8/1 payout, while Andorra, Albania, Austria, Estonia and Monaco share the bottom position with 50/1.

For example, if you put all your money on Cyprus and the country wins, you win 16 times the amount of money you put on the country. The list changes pretty often and when the contest comes closer, more bookmakers will start Eurovision Song Contest bets. Besides bets on the winning song, bets on for example 'which country ends up without a single point' will start as well! We'll keep you up to date!

The current positions by Corel/Eurobet
Ireland (F) 8/1
Sweden (F) 8/1
United Kingdom (F) 10/1
Finland 12/1
Greece 12/1
Denmark 14/1
Russia (F) 14/1
Belarus 16/1
Belgium (F) 16/1
Bosnia 16/1
Cyprus 16/1
Iceland (F) 16/1
Malta 16/1
Serbia & Montenegro 16/1
Spain (F) 16/1
Turkey (F) 16/1
Germany (F) 20/1
The Netherlands 20/1
Switzerland 20/1
France (F) 25/1
Lithuania 25/1
Norway (F) 25/1
Poland (F) 25/1
Portugal 25/1
Romania (F) 25/1
Slovenia 25/1
Ukraine 25/1
Israel 33/1
FYR Macedonia 33/1
Croatia 40/1
Latvia 40/1
Albania 50/1
Andorra 50/1
Austria (F) 50/1
Estonia 50/1
Monaco 50/1

You think you can predict which country will win the upcoming contest and you want to bet yourself? Take a look at for more information.

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