Eurovision Song Contest 2004 list complete!

by Sietse Bakker 503 views

The list with songs and participants for the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest is complete since yesterday night, when Lena Philipsson won the Swedish final with Det gör ont. did some statistical research!

15 men have been selected to give a solo performance at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest (7 in the final, 8 in the qualifier round). 11 women have been selected to sing solo for their country (4 in the final, 7 in the qualifier round). 10 groups have been selected for this year's contest (counting the Austrian entry Piero Esteriore & the Music Stars as group), 6 of them are a couple; Aleksandra & Konstantin for Belarus, Formins & Kleins for Latvia, Linas & Simona for Lithuania, Julie & Ludwig for Malta and Reunion (Paul & Fabrizio) for The Netherlands.

So far, 21 of the 36 songs are in English. Besides these 21 songs, it's unknown yet if Portugal and Albania sing in their own language or in English. Ivan Mikulić might sing Daje� mi krila in a mixed Croatian-English version, Lisa Andreas might sing Stronger every minute partly in Greek for Cyprus.

It's 52 days to go for the qualifier round of the Eurovision Song Contest, on 12th May. The running order for the qualifier round and the final will probably be decided tomorrow! Find the completed list of participants in our 2004 section!

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