NTU: “A new breath at upcoming contest”

by Eriks Lingeberzinsh 129 views

Yuriy Melnyk, spokesperson of the Ukraine broadcaster NTU, has warned to be ready for “a great show with inovative ideas and a new breath at the Eurovision Song Contest”. Ukraine will be represented by Ruslana this year.

Esctoday.com had an interview with Ruslana and her team during the Latvian national final, in Ventspils on 28th February. According to Ruslana's production team, “Ukraine is prepearing for a great show on stage with a lot of surprises for the audience”

Experts of pop music in Ukraine said that Ruslana's album Wild dances has changed the standards of the national show business by bringing them closer to the European standards. Creation of a unique musical and dancing style are the main principles of Ruslana in Ukraine and co-producer Alexander Ksenofontov is sure, that this could help Ruslana to achieve a high result at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Ruslana thinks that her music includes the drive of rock music, energy of modern dance music, variety of 'mountain rhythms' and motives. Her music is full with elements of the Carpathian flavor, which is also the main motive for Wild dances, the song which Ruslana will sing in Istanbul (her song and album have the same name).

The image of Ruslana is unique, meanwhile a little bit even surprising, original and exotic. It consists of a unique vocal manner (ethnical mountain melisms, authentic sounds and exclamations) and of a driving and energetic model of stage behaviour. Though Wild dances was supposed to be included into the first album of Ruslana, it will be included in the second album, which will be released soon. The title of the second album is not finally decided yet, but it might be Wild dances 2. The final edition of the dong will be recorded in co-operation with sound engineers and sound producers from Russia. Thanks to record company EMI, co-operation with sound engineers from the United Kingdom and Sweden also became possible.

“The video clip for Ruslana's Eurovision song will be created in the near future with the use of innovative technologies, exclusive effects (created especially for this video), special graphic and filming techniques, shooting of the Carpathian mountains, all of which will make it a competitive product on the European music market”, the production team said.

Ruslana's performance at the Eurovision Song Contest will also be accompanied by an exciting dancing show performed by Zhyttia Ballet. The dancing will be a synthesis of modern dancing art and national Ukrainian rhythmoplastics. The authors of the dancing concept will try to eliminate the border between the Ancient and the Modern, by developing a unique dance style, which can potentially become a hit at discothèques. Dancing performance is expected to be of primary interest for modern active youth. Costumes will be designed by Roksolana Bohutska. The dancing performance will be directed by Irina Mazur. The costumes of Ruslana and her dancing team will be made using the brightest elements of the costumes from the show: main elements being leather, incrustation and even metal parts!

A promotional tour has been already started and it consisted from two main parts; Ukraine and Europe. During her European tour, Ruslana visits several participating countries. During these visits, Ruslana plans to take part in several shows and has confirmed, that she will be available for interviews, as she was during her visit in Latvia and in Eirodziesma 2004 in Ventspils.

Ruslana has been selected internally and will have to go throug qualifier round on 12th May, before she eventually reaches the final on 15th May in Istanbul.

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