Draw for Croatian semifinals DORA 2004 took place

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The Croatian broadcaster HRT has revealed the results of the draw for the two semifinals of DORA 2004, the Croatian national selection to determine their 2004 Eurovision Song Contest entry. 12 songs will compete in 2 semifinals taking place in Opatija on 12 and 13 March.

Sic songs with top score in the televoting from each semifinal will proceed to the final, taking place in the same venue in Opatija the following day (14 March). The winner and thus Croatian representative at the qualifying round of Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul, will be determined by televoting as well.

Competing in the first semifinal (12 March)
1. Chante- Za�to pita� (Why are you asking)
2. Sandra- Gdje snovi počinju (Where dreams begin)
3. Angie- Umrla bih ja na tvojim rukama (I would die in your arms)
4. Azzuro- Trebam te (I need you)
5. Renata Holi- Nosi� mi prolječe (You bring me summer)
6. Karma- Malo pomalo (Little by little)
7. Andrea Čubrić- Diva
8. Andrea- Noah
9. Mladen Grdović- Ljubav moja si ti (You are my love)
10. Alen Ni�etić- Pala si sa neba (You've fallen from the sky)
11. Merita's & Massimo- Odjednom ti
12. Jacques Houdek- Nema razloga (No reason)

Competing in the second semifinal (13 March):
1. Rivers- Ki�a ljubavi (Rain of Love)
2. Petra Kosalec- Ostani (Stay)
3. Vladimir Bodegrajac- Ne plači (Don't cry)
4. magnetic- Iluzija (Illusion)
5. Tina Vukov & Matija Dedić Trio- Tuga dolazi kasnije (Sorrow follows later)
6. Ivana Kindl- Strastvena �ena (Woman of passion)
7. Ivana Karamatić Ina- Ti si moja nesreča
8. P'eggy- Sve (Everything)
9. Lana- Prava istina (Real truth)
10. En face- Tvoje lice (Your face)
11. Ibrica Jusić- Jo� samo ovaj put (Just this time)
12. Ivan Mikulić- Daje� mi krila (You give me wings)

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