Live report about Nationaal Songfesival 2004!

by Sietse Bakker 44 views

Live from the Pepsi Stage in Amsterdam, your Chief Editor Sietse Bakker reports live about what's going on there!

The show started with the Extention Dancers featuring a song compilation of hits and Eurovision Song Contest songs, ending with the Nationaal Songfestival 2004 tune. Nance is dressed in a golden dress. After an intruduction by Nance and Humberto Tan the 10 participants were introduced.

1. Cherwin – Show me the love
Cherwin kicked off in the Dutch final and gave a good performance as we are used from him, not very different from his performance during the fourth semifinal. Jury member Rob Stenders said that Cherwin is a “fantastic singer, but that it's not a song for the Eurovision Song Contest”. Ruth Jacott was enthousiastic about it, Daniel Lohues only gave compliments about Cherwin's suite.

2. Judith Jobse – Love me
The lady in red (referring to the Turkish flag?) seemed to be nerves, as her performance was not very clear, thus she tried to change some things in her so-called monitoring ear. Although her performance was not the best one, the audience was enthousiastic. Jury head Cornald Maas said: “I don't know if they like it in the Balkans, but when it works here, we can only rely on the rest of Europe”. Judith also announced she's going to merry again soon!

A move to the green room, where host Humberto Tan asked Cherwin if he's always that relaxed. Dutch viewers can send SMS messages to number 9090, a selection appears in the show!

3. Charly – She'll take your breath away
Just like during last Thursday's wildcard round, Charly started his song with a very clear and high-toned scream again. The song seemed to have lost a part of its power, but the performance was good. Jury member Cor Bakker said that the music is very good for a movie, while Rob Stenders was pleased with the guitar solo… great comment… ahum!

4. Babette Labeij – Allright
Babette's song starts with typical Turkish instruments. The song, originally written for the Dutch Idols participant Hind, was performed very well as it got a lot more power than during the semifinal, but the applause was not that huge. The former Idols singing coach. The jury was pleased with the 'eyewink' to the Turkish culture (the oriental instruments used), but was not convinced of the power for Istanbul.

5. Yellow Pearl – For you and me
It's nanana-day today! Yellow Pearl lead singer seemed to be a little nervous, while it was the relaxed way he performed the song that made it special. The overall performance was pretty good, though! Jury member Rob Stenders compared the song with You by Ten Sharp. Cor Bakker was more focussed on the drummer than on the song…

6. Bas & Joel ft. VoiceMale – Celeste
Bas & Joel featuring VoiceMale performed Celeste in a-capella version by surprise! After all, it was VoiceMale that scored a number-one hit in Turkey with Sertab Erener! The audience decided to clap with them and the overall performance was very well! The guys came in the final via the wilcard round. Ruth Jacott was more enthousiastic about the orchestral version, Cornald Maas said that the song was not strong enough compared with “for example Judith her song”.

7. Adriana Romeijn – On a wing and a prayer
Adriana looked very good, and probably she has the best backings today! For example, backing vocal Tarif is probably the man with the most performances at the Nationaal Songfestival. Jury member Cornald Maas was pleased with the song ánd the performance, but fears a low position at the Eurovision Song Contest with this song. Cor Bakker referred to the Austrian entry of 2003, suggested to simply change the European televoters' taste!

8. Reunion – Without you
Reunion, winners of the first semifinal of the Nationaal Songfestival back in January, appeared to be one of the favorites today! Their performance was very good, jury member Ruth Jacott also said! Rob Stenders said: “I'd like to do the same thing as Cornald Maas did last year… let's send Reunion to the Eurovision Song Contest”. In the green room it appeared they got a present: a Reunion t-shirt!

9. Suzy 'n' the Hi-rollers – Mississippie Miss
Booming! Here upstairs at the small internet department we almost fell of our seats thanks of the bass! The performance was excellent, thanks to the great choreography. Cornald Maas kicked off with his comment: “the question is if this is quality, but it's definitely catchy!”. Daniël Lohues was not very pleased and he could imagine the general audience likes it… Rob Stenders totally agreed with the last part!

10. Anja Wessels – Heart of Stone
A song that might seem to be a bit boring when you hear it on CD, the performance is very good! Instead of a white dress, which she wore during the semifinal she won, she picked a pink dress to wear.

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