Germany: SSDSGPS final tonight

by Oliver Rau 85 views

This evening at 22:15 CET, the final of Stefan Raab's casting show Stefan sucht den Super-Grand-Prix-Star or shortly SSDSGPS will be aired live on ProSieben. At the end of the show we will know who is going to sing Raab's song for the German preselection Germany 12 Points! on 19 March.

Raab, who composed Guildo Horn's entry of 1998 and represented Germany himself in 2000 with Waddehaddeduddeda, wants to add a song to this year's Geman final again, but he will not sing it himself. Since January, he hold a televised casting show, SSDSGPS, to find a fitting singer for his entry. In tonight's final, the winner will be selected out of the four contestants who survived the previous rounds.

Vanessa, Maximilian, Alex and Bonita are going to compete tonight. First, each of the four will sing a song chosen by themselves. By public vote, one of them will be voted out then. In a second round, each of the then tree finalists will perform the song Stefan Raab wrote for the German final and the televoters will have to decide who did it best. A jury consisting of Thomas Anders (Modern Talking), Joy Fleming (German representant in 1975) and Raab will give comments, but the decision will be made by soley by televoting.

To recieve a wildcard for the German final, Raab's song has to sell enough records to get listed in the German singles sales charts. Although nobody heared the song so far, this is widely expected to be an easy task, as SSDSGPS recieved enthusiatic critics concerning the vocal qualities of the participating singers. If Raab is able to write a convincing non-comical song remains another question, which is going to be answered tonight.

Music channel Viva is going to repeat highlights of the SSDSGPS shows in its program from 23 February. The German preselection and its participants will be permanently featured on the station's news broadcasts and the daily live show Interaktiv, where the SSDSGPS winner will show up on 24 February. 14 March will see a whole Eurovision weekend, featuring the highlights of the eight Euroclash specials. And finally, on 20 March, the day after the final of Germany 12 Points! on ARD, Viva is going to show a three-hour special with interviews, backstage reports and all songs again, starting at 20:00 CET.

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