Belgium decides tonight!

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It's D-Day in Belgium. Tonight the Flemings choose the Belgian representative for the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest. Five female singers, one male singer and a duo compete for the one and only ticket to Istanbul during a live show on TV1. Here's your last preview of Eurosong 2004.

After four semifinals, reaching the highest ever viewing rates for Eurosong, Flanders is ready for the greatest television moment of the year. Seven songs compete tonight for one ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest in a show that could become part of the Flemish television history as VRT is dreaming of reaching the magical amount of 2 million viewers!

Polls on the internet, forums, television and newspapers,… they all tell the same: Xandee, Natalia and Barbara Dex & Alides Hidding are tonight's biggest favourites. Here's a summary of what the professional jury said about the seven finalists during the semifinals of Eurosong 2004:

1. Roxane � Television game
Former Miss Antwerp Roxane impressed the professional jury with her looks: extremely sexy but not vulgar and an incredible pair of eyes. Her song was rated catchy and modern. Roxane won the third semifinal, receiving high points from all juries, apart from the one of Radio 2.

2. Barbara Dex & Alides Hidding � One life
According to jury member and Eurovision commentator André Vermeulen Barbara Dex is the best singer who appeared in Eurosong 2004. In a neck-and-neck race, Barbara & Alides finally ended second in the last semifinal after Natalia received the most votes from the TV1 televoting viewers.

3. Elsie Moraïs � Amorè loco
With her 17 years, she's the youngest participant this year. The jury enjoyed the exotic Amorè loco and described it as a potential international summer hit. Elsie Moraïs won the second semifinal, although she didn't appear in Radio 2 and Radio Donna's top 3.

4. Astrid � Don�t stop the music
Saying disco is not the key to succes at the Eurovision Song Contest and missing passion in the performance, Astrid received bad critics from the professional jury on the one hand, on the other her vocal prestation pleased the jury a lot. Astrid reached the final as one of the three best runners-up.

5. Xandee � 1 Life
Xandee sings together with Belgium's 2002 representative Sergio in the dance project Touch Of Joy and is now top favourite to go and represent Belgium herself. The intro wakes you up, the song sticks to your mind and has an impressive act, these are just a few of the superlatives used by the jury. Xandee reached the final by winning the first semifinal with the maximum of the points from every single jury!

6. Raf Van Brussel – Chemistry
Raf Van Brussel was rated second best by all juries. The professional jury called his song the best of the semifinal. He goes through to the final as one of the best runners-up for the second time after he also reached the final in 2002. Still one advice from the jury for Raf Van Brussel: Look out for an artist name!

7. Natalia � Higher than the sun
The Idols star is the most popular participant at the Eurosong 2004 final. Natalia won her semifinal in the last resort after defeating Barbara Dex & Alides Hidding in the TV1 televote. Together with Xandee, Natalia is top favourite tonight. By wearing another dress than the one at the semifinal, Natalia will try to avoid another denigratory remark from André Vermeulen.

By clicking on the song title, the video will open in Windows Media Player! You can find more details on the semifinals of Eurosong 2004 on esctoday.com's country page of Belgium. Tonight we'll report about the final in Flanders and announce the artist and song that will represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul.

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