Croatia: 24 songs selected

by Oliver Rau 145 views

Croatian broadcaster HRT announced the 24 songs for the two preliminary rounds of DORA 2004 and four reserve songs. Some repatriates are amongst them: Ivana Kindl, group Karma (3rd place in 2003) and Jacques (5th in 2003).

The list reads as follows:

1. Group Rivers: Kisa Ljubavi (Rain of Love)
2. Ivana Kindl: Stastvena Zena (Anxious woman)
3. Lana: Prava istina (Real Truth)
4. Alen Nizetic: Pala si sa neba (You fell from the Sky)
5. Petra Kosalec: Ostani (Stay)
6. Sandra: Gdje snovi pocinju (Where Dreams begin)
7. Vladimir Bodegrajac: Ne placi (Don't cry)
8. Jaques Houdek: Nema Razloga (There's no reason)
9. Angie: Umrla bih na tvojim rukama (I would die in your Arms)
10. Group Karma: Malo pomalo (A little something)
11. Ivan Mikulic: Dajes mi krila (You give me Wings)
12. P'eggy: Sve (All)
13. Chante: Zasto pitas (Why you're asking)
14. Ibrica Jusic: Jos samo ovaj put (Just this Time)
15. Mladen Grdovic: Ljubav moja si ti (Love, you're mine)
16. Ivana Karamatic: Ti si moja nesreca (You are miserable)
17. Meritas & Massimo: Odjednom ti (Suddenly you)
18. Andrea: Noah
19. Group Azzuro: Trebam te (Need you)
20. Andrea Cubric: Diva
21. Tina Vukov & Matija Dedic: Tuga dolazi kasnije (Mourning comes later)
22. Renata Holi: Nosis mi proljece (You bring me Spring)
23. Group Magnetic: Iluzija (Illusion)
24. Group En Face: Tvoje lice (Your Face)

If the biblical theme of song number 18 (Noah) sounds familiar: yes, it was written by Tonci Huljic, who also wrote Marija Magdalena for Doris Dragovic in 1999!

The four reserve songs are:
1. Danijel Beni: Gradovi od sna (City of Dreams)
2. Branka Delic: Obecao si Ljubav (You promised me Love)
3. Marina Kristic: O tome cu mislit sutra (I think about this tomorrow)
4. Maja Zeko: Ja lomim noc (I break the Night)

Danijel Beni is a cousin of Claudia Beni, last year's Croatian represent at the Eurovision Song Contest. The Croatian preselection DORA will take place from March 12 to March 14 in Opatija, with two semifinals.

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