Aftonbladet: the names behind the songs

by Sietse Bakker 53 views

The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet published some pariticipant names with the songs, published by broadcaster SVT yesterday.

The most amazing participants are those of the song 'Världen utanför' (The world outside). According to Aftonbladet this will be a co-production of Friends ànd Barbados ! Same for the song 'The one that you need'.

'Vem de du vill ha' (Who is it you want) will be performed by Kikki Danielsson, Elisabeth Andreasson and Lotta Engberg, well known artists in the Eurovision history.

The Spanish song 'No hay nada más' (You don't need more) will be performed by Javiera, who we remember from Melodifestivalen 2000. 'Ingenting är större än vi' (Nothing is greater than us) will be performed probably by Arvingarna (ESC 1993 and several Melodifestivalen).

'En värld som alltid brinner' (A world that is always burning) will be performed by Rickard Sköld and 'Ingenting Ingenting' (Nothing nothing) will probably be performed by Cajsa-Lisa Ejemyr from Melodifestivalen 1997.

'Ge mig mitt hjärta tillbaka' (Give me back my heart) will be probably performed by the well known Jan Johansen (ESC 1995 and Melodifestivalen 2001). The name with the song 'Vackrare nu' (More beautiful now) is Fredrik Wännman, who also wrote the song. Sylvia Wrethammar will sing 'Hon är en annan nu' (She is a different person now).

Other names are Molle Holmberg with the song 'Sluta' (Stop), Linda Grip with 'You´re the best thing', Annika Ljungberg with 'Sail away', 'The prettiest woman' will be performed probably by Date (from Melodifestivalen 2001), Hannah (Melodifestivalen 2000) and Lina Hedlund will sing 'Big time party', 'Du har rört vid min själ' (You have touched my soul) will be probably performed by Camilla Lindén and Grönwalls (last one will also sing 'Ett vackert par' which meanes 'A beautiful couple'), 'Du och jag i hela världen' (You and I in the whole wide world) will come from Martin Svensson (Melodifesitvalen 1999), DJ Mendez will perform 'Adrenaline' and finally the name for 'Back again' is Tove Jaarnek.

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