Portugal: Three songs compete for Eurovision

by André Rodrigues 44 views

Yesterday's round of Operação Triunfo, the Portuguese preselection scheme for the Eurovision Song Contest, gave us three possible songs to represent Portugal. and this Sunday we will know what song will be defending the Portuguese colours in Istanbul.

The first one to perform was Francisco with the song Caminhos Singelos, a slowish piano song. Sofia sang a fashion uptempo song, Foi Magia, perhaps the most 'Eurovisiony' song of the evening. Finally, Gonçalo performed Novo e Clássico, a simple love song.

Special guests on the were Anabela and Lúcia Moniz, who represented Portugal in the Eurovision back in 1993 and 1996 respectively.

You can vote for your favourite song until this Sunday, 25th January. SImply dial the following phone numbers (from within Portugal/from abroad):

CAMINHOS SINGELOS Authors: Mucio Sá and Rosete Caixinha
Performer: Francisco
607 042 101 / +351 351 939 042 101

FOI MAGIA Author: Paulo Neves
Performer: Sofia
607 042 102 / +351 939 042 102.

NOVO E CLASSICO Author: Américo Faria
Performer: Goncalo
607 042 103 / +351 939 042 103.

The song obtaining the most votes will represent Portugal in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul, Turkey.

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