Finland: the candidates for Istanbul

by Martti Immonen 60 views

Euroviisut 2004 is about to reach one million viewers this coming Saturday. This should be quite an easy task as the show looks promising. On various websites, the discussion goes pretty hard towards YLE, but that's another story…

The running order for the Finnish national final, which takes place on 24th January:

Til the end of time – Arja Koriseva
A little crazy – Anna Stenlund
Can�t stop loving you – Patrick Linman
You don�t need to go – Iina & Gary
Like believers do – Jonna K
I don�t need to say – Geir Rönning
Eleventh hour, es. Susann Sonntag
Toarie – Riikka
Takes 2 to tango – Jari Sillanpää
Dance my heart away – Heidi Kyrö & just
Should I run, should I hide – Sonja Biskop
Seven times seven – Danny & D�Voices

Just like in 2002, there will be regional juries in six cities in Finland. These cities are Oulu, Kuopio, Turku, Helsinki, Vaasa and Lappeenranta. Juries will have a difficult task to select six songs for the superfinal. The Finnish national selection for the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest will start at 19:30 local time and ends 22:35. The programme will consist of stand-up comedy, a Eurovision show made by the Hot Club Dancers and a quest star; the new talented Norwegian artist Christine.

Despite the earlier news about the connection between the Finnish and Polish national finals, it's not clear yet and this matter seems to be an issue of later importance, if it would happen or not. So far, no real reason has been given, but keep looking for more news updates this week!

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