Details: Deen to Istanbul for Bosnia & Herzegovina

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We have already wrote on esctoday.com that a panel of jurors selected this the singer Deen as this year's Eurovision Song Contest representative of Bosnia & Herzegovina. We are bringing you more detials about the selection with this article! Deen's selection in detail…

The Bosnian national broadcaster PBSBiH received 7 entries to their call to select the Bosnian representative at this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul. 2 applications of the 7 were labeled as insufficient and 5 names were left for the voting. The panel of 21, made of former Eurovision contestants and music journalists from the country was able to vote for Fuad Backović – Deen, Sajid Jusić, Tinka Milinović, Nermin Pu�kar and Igor Vukojević. Deen, Tinka Milinović and Igor Vukojević have all previously sang in the Bosnian national final.

The final selection was made after 5 rounds. Each juror gave points twice in each round- for vocal abilities and for stage appearance along with looks, styling, attitude towards the public etc. In each round the singer with the smallest amount of points was eliminated.

In the first round the jurors gave points from 1 to 5, focusing on each individual singer, which means that a juror could give 5 points to more than one artist, or not give the highest mark at all. Sajid Jusić received only 72 points in the first round and was eliminated first. Deen was already the clear favourite, receiving 197 points with the others all receiving between 160 aqnd 170 points.

In the following rounds the remaining artists were put in order of preference with the favourite receiving the highest mark. Igor Vukojević was eliminated in the second round, Tinka Milinovič in the third, thus leaving the jurors to choose between Deen and the singer of the band Knock Out Nermin Pu�kar. Since Deen was the clear favourite of the jury up until now, his victory was not a surprise. The results was 77 to 49 in favour of Deen. If the top marks for singing abilities were split in half, Deen received the top mark for stage appearance from each of the 21 jurors, making him the definite winner of the Bosnian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.

We have the singer, but what about the music? As the final results were revealed, PBSBiH issued a call for songwriters to submit songs for Deen to sing. PBSBiH expects the songs to be in harmony with contemporary pop standards, though not ignoring the Bosniak/Herzegovin tradition with no language rule applied. Authors have to be citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The deadline of submitting is 6th February 2004 by 1630 CET. Deen will sing a selection of the songs among which one will be selected as the Bosnian Eurovision entry by televoting.

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