Details on Polish national final announced

by Kamil Górecki 138 views

The Polish national final takes place on 24th January, 2004, and special guest on the show is 2003 Turkish winner Sertab Erener!

Krajowe Eliminacje do Konkursu Piosenki Eurowizji 2004, the syllabically plentiful name for the Polish national final, will see a total of fifteen songs and several well-known Polish artists. Eurovision fans across Europe may recognise Blue Café from last year's final, and the band Indigo, whose female singer Magda Steczkowska is sister to Justyna Steczkowska, the Polish representative in 1995.

All songs are aired on radio and also on television (even commercial channels). There will probably not be the one-horse run as last year, but the strongest participant is Łzy, currently the most popular band in Poland. Alex (Ala Janosz) could be recognised by viewers of World Idol, as she represented Poland.

The Polish final will be hosted by Magda Mołek, Tomek Kamel (both the most popular television presenters in Poland) and Artur Orzech (Polish commentator). Special guests of Krajowe Eliminacje will be Turkish Sertab Erener (who in 2003 sang Turkey's Everyway that I can to the top spot) and In-Grid, Italian singer singing in French and who enjoys massive popularity in Poland.

The most interesting for Eurovision fans will propably be the live link-up to Finland and the concurrent Finnish national final Euroviisut. It is planned to 'exchange' the songs – Poland will hear the Finnish winner and the other way around. Because 2004 marks the ten-year-anniversary for Poland's first Eurovision apperance, the connection with Finland recalls some memories – Poland received its very first points back in 1994 from Finland!

Krajowe Eliminacje 2004 is expected to be the most watched show this winter.

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