Eight possible candidates left in MusicStar

by Edwin van Gorp 49 views

The Swiss national final, which is to be held on 6th March, will be a classical national final with 12 contestants, four of which each of the three Swiss broadcasters TSR (French speaking), RTSI (Italian speaking) and DRS SF (German speaking) can apply. TSR and RTSI will select their contestants internally. DRS SF is going to send the four best MusicStar, a Popidol-like show, participants. The final phase of MusicStar has now started.

The first episode of MusicStar was already broadcasted on 26th September. The final phase of the show, in which 10 artists participate, has already started. Each week, one of the 10 contestants must leave the show. On 21st Februari, one contestant will remain and become the 2004 MusicStar. He or she will be offered a record deal. The four best singers will represent DRS SF in the Swiss national final for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Two of the 10 participants are already voted out of the competition. Sabrina Auer and Claudio Naef are no longer in the running to become MusicStar.

The eight participants that are left are Daniela Brun, Sebastian Bürgin, Piero Esteriore, Carmen Fenk, Sergio Luvualu, Tina Masafret, Mario Pacchioli and Katy Winter.

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