FYROM: Eight songs for Tose Proeski

by Edwin van Gorp 290 views

Tose Proeski will represent FYR Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004. The song that he will sing will be chosen on 14th February. Proeski will perform 8 songs of which the Macedonian public will choose one by televoting.

These are the titles of the 8 songs that Tose Proeski will sing in the Macedonian final:

1. Sinooka bosonoga (Blue eyes, barefooted)
2. Parce od Evropa (Part of Europe)
3. Ljubena (Loved one)
4. Go lazham sekoj nov refren (I lie every new refrain)
5. Zoshto otide (Why is she leaving)
6. Son exotichen (Exotic dream)
7. Zhivote moj (O my life)
8. I love you & I hate you

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