Dutch entry written by Johnny Logan

by Sietse Bakker 52 views

At the press conference to announce the 24 participants of the Dutch Nationaal Songfestival 2004, we met Arno Kolenbrander (photo), who performs the song The story of my life in the first semifinal (22nd January). The song is written and composed by… Johnny Logan!

So-called 'Mr. Eurovision' Johnny Logan wrote and composed the song for Arno, who told us how it came this far: “I met Johnny at a André Hazes concert, where we chatted for a while. Since that moment, we go out for dinner sometimes. During one of our dinners, I suggested to submit a song for the Nationaal Songfestival. Enthusiastically he told me he wanted to write a song for me”.

Australian-born Johnny Logan, whose Irish ancestry reflects in his real name Seán Patrick Michael Sherrard, has won the Eurovision three times for Ireland. Once as a singer (What's another year? 1980), once as singer+songwriter (Hold me now 1987) and the last time as writer solely (Why me? 1992). He also penned Linda Martin's second place song Terminal 3 — who in 1992 sang Why me? to victory.

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