EuroStoq develops behind the scenes!

by Wouter van Vliet 58 views

Our EuroStoq game has only just been released, today five days ago. Those first days have been very informative to ourselves as well as the players. Some of them found interesting tricks to make profit. For this reason and others, the formula which calculates new Stoq values is now updated.

To try to make an honest game, our three formerly 'top players' have been reset and they will have to start over with a clean wallet.

Also in these first five playing days, the Stoqs in Estonia and Spain are already sold out. Sweden (171 left), Marocco (237), United Kingdom (562), Switzerland (564) and Turkey (600) are running low. Because of this, we have decided to bring 2000 extra Stoqs of each into the game.

Some players have also reported bugs in the game, with this update most of those are now solved.

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