Denmark: 10 songs for Melodi Grand Prix 2004

by Sietse Bakker 177 views

After working their way through all in all 315 entries the Danish broadcaster DR has now announced the titles and composers of the 10 songs for the national final Melodi Grand Prix 2004, to be held on 7th February in Århus Kongrescentrum, Jutland.

Among the known names is Søren Poppe, who appeared on the Eurovision stage in 2001 for Denmark as one half of the duo Rollo & King, who sang Never ever let you go (with Signe Svendsen as co-vocalist) and ended second. Mette Mathiesen co-wrote the 1995 Danish Eurovision entry, Fra Mols til Skagen, performed by Aud Wilken. The song ended fifth… Also Helge Engelbrecht tries to reach the European stage – first time he pulled it off was 1987; En lille melodi, sung by Anne Cathrine Herdorff, gave Denmark a fifth place.

1. Prinsesse (Princess)
(Jimmy Colding, Danny Linde)

2. Lykkelig i nat (Happy tonight)
(Mette Mathiesen)

3. For jeg kan li' dig ('Coz I like you)
(Nanna Kalinka Bjerre)

4. Mest når det er regn (Mostly when it's rain)
(Niels Drevsholt)

5. Lonnie, kom nu hjem (Lonnie, come home)
(Henrik Askou, Regin Fuhlendorf)

6. Kys mig en gang til (Kiss me once more)
(Nanna Larsen)

7. Sig det' løgn (Say it's a lie)
(Ivar Lind Greiner)

8. Solens sang (The singing of the sun)
(Helge Engelbrecht)

9. Hvor end du går hen (Wherever you go)
(Søren Poppe)

10. Stjerner blinker i dit navn (Stars twinkle in your name)
(Jan Klausen)

It is Danish tradition that the songs in the final are performed in Danish and the winner is lated translated into English for the Eurovision Song Contest. Denmark will participate in the Eurovision semifinal, which takes place on 12th May in Istanbul, Turkey (and not in the final, as we mentioned – sorry – earlier).

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