Inside details Eurovision Song Contest 2004

by Sietse Bakker 179 views

From a reliable inside source received more information about the 49th Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Istanbul. Although some fans got worried about the organization, there is “nothing to worry about”, our source said.

Our source told that the Turkish broadcaster TRT is currently busy with stage, postcards, host(s) and the co-ordination for both shows, on 12 and 15 May: “Because the aim is to make the Eurovision Song Contest a more commercial success and because the contest's format changed to a two-night's programme, the annual traditions like the draw of running are postponed until later in the season”.

Stage of the contest
“The atmosphere of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest can be compared with the style of the 1986 contest in Bergen. The stage will not be huge, but very usefull for different purposes and can be called typically Turkish in terms of shapes and colours. The Swedish broadcaster SVT is involved with the stage production”, our source said.

There are different ideas for the postcards, which will be produced by different marketing agencies around March. The participants will not be included in the postcards, like LTV did last year in Riga. “There are also different ideas for the postcards of the qualifier round and the final show”, our anonimous source said to

Host of the show
“No contract has been signed yet, so anything can happen, but it is almost sure that one of the most popularTurkish artists of today will host the shows. Probably we won't see a couple in 2004, only a man!”

12 points!
Both shows, the qualifier round on 12 May and the final on 15 May, will be produced by two different teams to guarantee the quality for both nights. Although all countries (also the final participants) will give points in the qualifier round, it's unknown yet how they're going to make the voting procedure exciting. Imagine that 36 countries have to give points… it will probably take 1,5 to 2 hours!

Iterval act
Also the interval act is still point of discussion. The Sultans of the Dance, a group that can be compared with Riverdance, the interval act of the Eurovision Song Contest 1994, is already mentioned as one of the options.

The logo of the Eurovision Song Contest will, unless in previous years, not be produced by the host broadcaster, just like the official website The logo will be made by the Swiss marketing agency T.E.A.M., while the website will be produced by Pixelpark from Germany (in co-operation with

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