Junior: all participants did their thing

by Sietse Bakker 92 views

All participants did their thing, now its voting time! The final outcoming of the first Junior Eurovision Song Contest is almost known!

01. Greece
Let's go hip! A happy start of the first Junior Eurovision Song Contest, with some rap, dance and a pretty goed performance.

02. Croatia
A song about Dino's first love. He started pretty sensetive and didn't seem nervous at all! This guy can really sing, which resulted in an outstanding applause.

03. Cyprus
How sweet, how pink! Although this song reminded a little to what we already know from Pocahontas, the performance was pretty good!

04. Belarus
Volha was having a good time, although one of the cameramen seems to be injured. It looked like one of the backing dancers kicked the camera which was moving on stage.

05. Latvia
Dzintars and his group gave one of the best stage performances so far. The delegation paid a lot of time to create the costumes!

06. FYR Macedonia
These two singers are a bit older than the others. The synchronization between the girls was a little weak, but it looked nice all together!

07. Poland
Her vocal performance was influenced by her stage performance. The backing dancers, dressed in the colours of the Polish flag, did a good job and the end was surprising!

REM, Avril Lavigne, Pink, Holly Valance, Lene, Atomic Kitten gave the best wishes to all performers, followed by…

08. Norway
Thumbs up from Norway, this couple pretending being in love (which they are NOT, to be clear) did a lovely performance.

09. Spain
A song about his mother, who pasted away recently… The first real ballad of the evening. This talented youngh boy did a wonderful performance. Very admirable for a young boy that recently lost his mother…

10. Romania
This guy loves drumming, and that's where his song is about! He has feeling with the camera and his backings were having a good time there on stage in the Forum in Copenhagen.

11. Belgium
The number one in the poll of the official website. This punkfriends came up with a pretty amazing performance. Blink 182… pack your bags!

12. United Kingdom
Tom wants to convince the world that peace is the only solution. A pretty intense message for a guy of this age. We will most likely hear more from him in the future!

13. Denmark
Another country with a big chance to win! A great performance, which resulted in an enormous applause from the (Danish) audience.

14. Sweden
The young TATU-girls, but of course a lot more decent. Their circus friends attended the stage to take care of some visual attractiveness.

15. Malta
Sarah, who can be seen in the third Harry Potter movie, did a pretty good performence with a pretty Maltese song seen from an adult-Eurovision perspective!

16. The Netherlands
Roel sang about a guy who lost all capability to move and could only talk by moving with his eyes. Although the performance was a big static, the vocals were good!

Now it's voting time!

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