Deceased Tommy Seebach exploited by partner

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A song penned by now deceased Danish musician Tommy Seebach (photo) and his partner Torben Lundgreen was submitted by Lundgreen to the 2004 Danish final. Today, Seebach's family and closest friends demand the song be withdrawn. “Lundgreen only wants to glow in Tommy's limelight”, says a close friend of Tommy Seebach's.

Seebach's friends and family are moving heaven and earth as it turns out Lundgreen never asked for their approval to submit the song to the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2004. Tommy Seebach's ex-wife, Karen Seebach, has contacted Danish broadcaster DR. “I am not interested in causing tubulence, but it is downright scandalous that Torben Lundgreen sends in a song without so much as asking me or the children.”

Despite hers and Tommy's divorce Karen Seebach remained the love of his life and close personal friend, and she has no doubt whatsoever as to why Lundgreen submitted the song. “He did it to draw attention onto himself. I am sorely disppointed; the only times we hear from him are when he can gain something for himself”, she says. “When he sees an opportunity to be in the media, he is suddenly our everybody's 'dear friend'. But no – a real friend would never do what he did”.

Jan Frifelt, co-ordinator of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2004, assures that he is not going to take sides. “The two parties shall have to discuss the matter between them and decide whether the song is to be withdrawn or not. We have no interest whatsoever to accept songs that clearly are not wanted in the contest”, he says.

Karen Seebach has asked DR to be able to appear in the live news debate programme 19Direkte and tell the Danish people about her opinion on the matter, and Tommy Seebach's close friend for 41 years, Arne Bille, pleads in a letter to DR that the song be withdrawn. “He Torben Lundgreen, author's note is only doing it because he wants to take advantage of Tommy's heavy name in the Eurovision branch. He's one damn little liar”, says a much upset Arne Bille.

Tommy was a heavy-weighter in the Danish Eurovision industry; out of altogether seven participations he won the three of them, and several of his non-Eurovision songs have also become classics in Denmark.

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