Operación Triunfo: Miriam left, Sonia and Israel nominated to leave

by Itamar Barak 52 views

Another gala of Spain's Operación Triunfo ended tonight, again with Vicente being the clear favourite, after winning most of this week's votes. Miriam was voted out of the academy.

This week's candidates to drop out were Leticia (who was saved by the jury), Borja (who was rescued by the academy teachers), Nuria (who was voted back by her fellow contestants), Sonia (who won over Miriam this week) and Israel. One vacant spot is to be fought over between Sonia and Israel in the coming week.

This week's top 3 spots were occupied by Vicente (who has been at number 1 since the season started), Ramon and then Jorge in the third place.

Spain's entrant to Eurovision Song Contest 2004 will be selected at the end of this season's Operación Triunfo.

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