Details announced about Slovene national selection

by Sietse Bakker 43 views

On the website of RTV Slovenija, the Slovene public broadcaster, a public invitation for those who would like to participate in the national selection show EMA has been published. A proffesional jury will choose 32 participants.

RTV Slovenija also decided to change the EMA format. In January 2004, four qualification shows will be broadcasted.The television viewers will have the chance to vote for their favourite 3 out of 8 participants in each show. After this, the professionl jury will have the right to choose another 4 participants and give them the chance to compete in the big final show, which means that on the EMA final night 16 songs will compete.

Like last year, the final night will be divided into two parts. In the first part all 16 songs will have a chance to convience the television viewers (50%) and a proffesional international jury (50%). After the votes are counted, the three songs with the highest score will have another chance to be performed in the secound part, where the winner will be chosen with a 100% televoting.

RTV Slovenija has made no rules about the language of all the participating songs, a new must is that the wining song has to be performed in Istanbul in the same language as it was during EMA. Songs can be submitted until the 28th of November. The national final will be set somewhere in the middle of February.

Article written by our new Slovene editor Denis Zivcec.

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