New esctoday.com finally launched!

by Sietse Bakker 51 views

After months of working on both layout and technology, the new esctoday.com has been finally launched. Not all functions are available yet, but in the upcoming period we will keep surprising you with new features…

Somewhere today the forum will be restyled into the new layout, which took a bit more time then expected. In the upcoming days, the e-cardsection, the linkpages and an improoved history section will appear. Around November we will start with our EuroStoq game, which is the first and only virtual Eurovision Song Contest stock market, where everybody can buy virtual shares of one's favorite Eurovision country!

In the upcoming days we will inform you about the changes made at esctoday.com as well as the plans for the near and far future. One thing is sure: since today esctoday.com is officially a company, registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam.

ESCToday is growing and always looks for new members to join our team! Feel free to drop us a line if you're interested! Use the Contact Us page or send us an email at vacancies@esctoday.com!