Interview with Rita Guerra

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Yet another special

1. Are you disappointed by the result of Deixa-me sonhar?
“Yes, I am because after getting there, I realised that our song was one of the favourites. I think, and after listening to the other songs, that Portugal really deserved a better score.”

2. The song has been described as typical Eurovision ballad. Was it written for Eurovision especially or was it already there before it became clear you would sing in Riga?
“This song was written specifically for the contest and was also written to be sang by me.”

3. What was in your mind in the seconds before and after your performance for an audience of 160.000.000 viewers?
“I was pretty confident, because I love the song so much. When we do what we love, magic happens. I must tell you that I was thinking a lot on the responsibility of those three minutes and also on everybody that trusted me to represent my country. But I was feeling happy. I was also a little bit worried about the composer, who was on the backstage biting his nails!”

4. In Riga there were rumours that there was “something wrong with Rita's brother”. Can you tell us something about these rumours?
“I just heard that, after I landed back in Portugal. Some of my family members were waiting for me at the airport, and when we got to the car, one of my brothers told me that my eldest brother had died. He died on Friday, the 23rd of May, of brain cancer. After receiving the news, I spoke to one of the members of the backing vocals, that happens to be my best friend, and he told me that he heard something about it in Riga. He knew that my brother was sic, and thought that, if nobody from my family had called me to give me the news, that meant that I wasn�t suppose to know about it, before the contest. The truth is that for the first time in his life, my brother was going to watch the Eurovision Song Contest because he was so proud of what was happening to me. And in the end, he missed it…”

5. If somebody would approach you to sing at Eurovision again, would you do so?
“I don�t know, I really don�t know.”

6. Can you share a funny anecdote with us concerning your Eurovision pariticipation?
“Not really, I�m sorry�”

7. According to our information, the Eurovision Song Contest attracts not many attention in Portugal. Can you tell is if that's true and what the reason for that is?
“This is true, unfortunately. I think that the fact that Portugal gets bad scores almost everytime is one of the motives. Also you have nowadays lots of cable TV�s music channels, witch capture the attention of most of the teenagers. They don�t wanna know about Eurovision”.

8. Have you visited estoday.com before, during or after the Eurovision week?
“I visited it only when I got back to Portugal and I did it because my label insisted on showing me the news. After my brother�s death, I haven�t been very interested on anything, really”.

9. Are there any special memories to Eurovision from your childhood?
“Yes, I remember that I never missed one of the contests, I remember some of the winner songs and I also remember that at that time, the whole country stopped to watch it!”.

10. Are there any future projects we can find Rita Guerra in?
“Oh, yes, but for now, it�s a secret!!!”.

Thank you for your time and we'd like to wish you all the strength to process your brother's death and good luck in your further career.
“Thank you so much for your interest, greets to all esctoday.com visitors! Big kisses!”

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