Interview with Paadam: More grey color in his hair

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The main organizer of Eurovision Song Contest 2002 in Tallinn, Juhan Paadam has had more grey color in his hair than ever. His mobile phone is ringing the theme melody of Eurovision. Paadam says that his worst enemy is time. �The workingdays tend to get short, but comparing with our collegues from previous contest, we are ahead of schedule,� he tells.

How have the preparation been?
From 51 proposals we have chosen the official logo of the song contest. Logo has virtual possibilities and it can be used in designing the stage. On the other hand it expresses the joy, which matches good with music and athmosphere. We have the location of the venue � Saku suurhall � and signed contract about that. We had a competition of 24 postcards between the songs, a few postcards have already been filmed during the summer. Unedited material is in the laboratory in the moment. We have also announced the competition of stage desing. We gave the Union of Stage Designers an opportunitie to take part. Today is the deadline for this competition and the juty will select the best. The final decision will be made in a week by the directors and also Ando Keskküla (The rector of Estonian Academy of Arts � esctoday.com).

You went to make a report to EBU. Were they satisfied?
I reported starting from an accomodation and cultural programme and finishing with general and technical issues. When I finished my 3 hour report without a stop, I deared to ask, what do you think. It accured that everything is OK. We are ahead of the timetable comparing with our Swedish and Danish collegues, but the broadcasters in Denmark and Sweden are mentionably bigger than ETV.

There has been no concerts in Saku suurhall. Do you think that there�s a good acustics there?
We will observe the first concerts in Saku suurhall with higher attention. There will come EBU referencegroup to the Roxette concert at November 10th. When the stagedesign is decided, we can also plan a space for cameras near the stage. Only after these actions the final number of chairs in the venue will transpire. Also the ticketlogistics will depend on that. The prognosis at the moment say that there will be about 6000 places for audience.

How many tickets will be sold and at what price?
We have duties to our delegations and guests. We sell tickets to 3 concerts � the main rehersal on May 24th, daytime preconcert on May 25th and to the main concert in the evening. The tickets will be sold more to the locals than to the foreigners. One thing is for sure, the ticket will not cost less that 1000 kroons (~64 EUR � esctoday.com), rehersals are cheaper.

Where does the technical staff come from?
It must be bought from abroad. We have got and checked some proposals. Our case is to decide the relationship between the prize and quality.

How many manpower You have to import?
I can say it when we�ve done it. Can�t really say. Creative staff is mainly from Estonia, technical staff from abroad.

Who are the hosts?
We look with great interest what the people think. Let them think and offer candidates at the homepage of Eurolaul . I�ve cheked the names been offered and can say that there�s nothing surprizing in the list. We have received lots of signed letters, with the best candidates and the candidates who shouldn�t in any case become the hosts. It�s amusing ! The favoured names and the unwanted candidates sometimes match. The hosts will be a man and a woman. The decision will be made by ETV.

What are the criterias for hosts?
The first criteria is telegenicness, important is the English skill. It�s good if the host can speak French. He/she must have had lot of stage experience, resistant and good nerves.

Who are the sponsors?
At the moment there are no sponsorcontracts. We will give the project of Eurovision Song Contest to the advertizing companies. All the sponsors are welcome !

Who does the main funding?
About a half of the budget will be financed by EBU, the Government of Estonia will finance the project in a capacity, which is not been financed by any other sources.

How is the security warranted?
Obviously after the terrorist attacts in USA the funds in the budget meant for security has to be increased. Security is organized by Police Chief of Tallinn, Jüri Kasesalu. We have negotiated with the representatives of customs, border guard and first aid these issues four times. One or more private security companies will be involved.

Where will all the guests be accomodated?
Actually our work started from accomodation. It�s important that in the City, organizing the contest, would be 1500 places in hotels. Travel Agency Esttravel is arranging the accomodation of guests. We can basicly put 1500 guests to the singlerooms in different hotels in the center of Tallinn.

Between the center and Saku suurhall will be so called shuttle-busline, which takes artists to the rehearsals and back to the hotels.

If all of this is over at midnight on May 25th, do you still hold your fingers crossed for Estonian entry?
Yes, of course ! I want to see Estonia doing well and that we would continue as active participans.

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