Albania: Exclusive interview with Aurela Gaçe

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Did you know Albania had this year 7 people on stage in Düsseldorf? Get to know about Aurela's impressions about Eurovision and her future plans. Read below the exclusive interview with Aurela Gaçe, the Albanian representative at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.

You represented Albania at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf. How did it feel to represent your country at this big festival?

It felt great, because I really wanted to represent my country in the best way I could and I think I did.

Which are your best moments from Düsseldorf?

Oh I enjoyed the rehearsals, the moments I had to talk to the media, the parties we had to attend because it gave us the opportunity to meet everybody, artists, journalists, fans.I love the fact that we had 2 guides and they were pretty amazing with us, very helpful. But the very best moment was going on stage, singing in front of all those people and sharing your love.

Which songs you like most from this 56th edition of Eurovision Song Contest?

Oh finally I can talk, now that the contest is over… I loved the Turkish band, I really liked the Bulgarian entry and the singer was really good, also The Netherland's entry… maybe because they could really sing… I can't like a so called show if the singer can’t really hold the note or is weak. Or I accept it if the singer is weak and he can really give a show. Britney Spears is that kind of performer they should try to copy, if they want to give a show and be forgiven for not being perfect at singing.

Did you make friends with other contestants? If you had the opportunity to do a duet with another representative, who would you choose?

Yes, Senit who represented San Marino. I saw her live in her show and she was great. I made friends with Lukas from Greece,the Turkish guys also and of course we had very good relations with everyone.

Albania didn’t manage to qualify this year for the big night on 14th of May. Where you disappointed that you didn’t make it to the final and what went wrong?

First of all I would like to say that I went to Eurovision to represent Albania, and since we all say that is a song contest, I really believed it was one. Now I see it differently. You didn’t have to be great or have a strong song, that’s a clear fact to me. I have been told that this was a political show and I didn’t want to believe it and that’s why I decided to stop my life for 5 months and do my best, not just me, but everyone in our team. I’m sure we did our best. The only disappointment was when I heard that there have been technical problems and that could have brought problems for the 5 first songs in the first semifinal. Norway was a favourite, as far as I know, according to different websites and to go on and just apologize and go on like you didn’t hurt no ones dream or work, that's not fair. Anyway, as I have said it in my interviews, I love singing, this is my life, and I won’t stop till the day I can’t no more. This was a great experience, my dream to sing in a huge arena became true and for sure life goes on, and my career will go along with it.

Your up-tempo songs and pop ballads have been very successful in Albania and across the Balkan. Your Eurovision entry was very different. Why did you choose this song to represent your country?

Believe me, I could have chosen any kind of rhythm, I could have asked my composer to make something else and dance like a crazy one on that stage. Let me tell you, I didn’t want to compete at Festivali i Këngës for 9 years, because if enter a competition and I’m sure I do a good job, then I feel bad if there are unfair played games. For the first time when I heard the song, fell in love with it and I went along with competing. Since I entered in my country's competition, I prepared myself that if I would win, I had to know where I was going to compete further at Eurovision. I've heard a lot about how you have to go there, what kind of songs are well received and I could I have done it, just the same way I do it with my albums or any single released. I wanted to represent my country with the melody that comes from my country, even though I was singing about music, how it feels up my heart and my soul and makes me free to fly, it makes me a free soul, and this makes me do whatever I feel. I didn’t want to represent my country in any different way. Today, with the technology you can make any beats you want and make people dance with you, but I chose to sing that song just because it sounded different, because I wanted to show to everyone that we do exist, we do have our music and I love it. I hoped that Europe would be open minded to accept that every county has their differences and this is what make us beautiful.I saw that the German people wanted us to see their country, we had an excellent guide with us, Oliever, who tried to show us whatever he could from his town, Dusseldorf. I saw that Dutch people wanted us to know about their culture when we went to EIC in The Netherlands, the same in Ukraine and Azerbaijan during our promo tour. Even the Greek entry was ethno, and being sang in Greek, which I really appreciate .We are so new to other European countries, and yes a very small country, but I grew up here and I wanted Europe to know more about my ancient country. I knew from the beginning, that it would have been easier for us if we chose another song, and blend with other contestants. I’m sorry, I’ve choosen not to be a "follower", that’s not what I do, better not get into the finals then to remembered as a copycat.

As we have seen you in Düsseldorf, you are a very stylish artist. Why did you choose totally another look and dress for the semi final?

Because I wanted to represent a song, I think an artist should dress according to what he is representing, if my song was lets say a hard rock, you could have seen something totally different.

Despite your non qualification for the final, you got the maximal appraisal by the media for your powerful voice and your strong stage performance. How does it feel to hear this?

I'm happy that no matter what and no matter where, people can feel the pure love I realize and give when I perform. It’s a gift that God wanted me to have and, and this is what I was singing on that stage. I wanted to share this gift with everyone and I'm happy to touch as many people as I can. I will try to never enter in competitions, music should be free. Let's enjoy it. God gave to it us to make us happy with it.

How was the reaction from the Albanian media about not qualifying for the final?

They have reacted well and now they are trying to analyze why…guys, there is no more analyzing….we are alive thank God and we are going to work more.

Did you watch the grand final of the Eurovision?

Yess, of course I did. I’m sorry but I’m also going to say that no country was trying to hide that they were voting for their neighbours and not the song. Sorry to tell the truth.

Albanian representatives at Eurovision have been either very young singers (Anjeza, Luiz, Olta and Kejsi) or either very experienced singers (Ledina, Frederik, Juliana and you), but the young representatives have scored better so far. What do you think about this and what should Albania do in the future to achieve better results?

Maybe because their songs were more up-tempo I guess, and I also think and believe, its better to be represented by young singers. I think Europe likes that more. If we just look back… remember how many great professional singers have been at Eurovision, Hera Bjork, Patricia Kaas, Ana Visi, Blue …and nobody won.

Will you take part again at Festivali i Këngës? If you have the chance, would you like to represent your countryagain at the Eurovision Song Contest and which type of song?

No, I don’t think so. The important thing is to be present in the music scene and to share my songs with the people, it doesn’t matter if it’s a festival or not.About the Eurovision, hmmm, let me think, you know, I was just dreaming, what if I come next year, get a crazy rhythm and give you guys some real real show, maybe I'll take my clothes off…or maybe that’s too much ? I’m kidding. No I don’t think I would do that again because I said what I wanted, I made you guys look at the eagle opening the wings wide and proud for all these months, and I feeeeeeellllllll gooooood.

You are an artist with a very busy schedule. Can you tell us something about your plans in the near future?

Oh, on May 19th I’ll travel to USA for only 10 days for a mini tour with two other big Albanian artists, meanwhile my new song and video is coming out on May 20th. Check it out, it’ a crazy song and video, grrrrrrrr. The new song is called "CASH" .Cash is the one that moves everything in the world, there are people who think they can by love and happiness with it. On June 4th, I’m going to have a great night at the biggest music event in the Balkan, The Balkan Music Awards, in Sofia, Bulgaria. My song Origjinale has been chosen by the music lovers from the Balkan as the best Albanian song of 2010. Then I will go back to Albania to finish my last songs for my new album, which I had to stop working on it for the 5 months, preparing for those three minutes at Eurovision Song Contest.

The last question for you, Aurela. Do you have a message for the Eurovision fans and especially for the readers of Esctoday?

Oh yessssss I got a lot to say. I would like to thank everyone that has supported us in anyway, I thank you all for the love you gave us, especially during those days in Düsseldorf. I got to meet some of you and I could feel your sincere wishes, I thank my gay friends, Love You All. And one more thing, I BROKE THE RULES IN EUROVISION, there is a rule for only 6 people on stage, and Albania had 7 persons on stage, yesssss, because I’m expecting an angel, a baby. I’m sure my child will be an artist, because it started with me shooting the video, than travelling for the promo tour and the baby sang with his mama on that big arena. Aand…get ready in some years, you will see another Aurela ahahahaha

Thank you very much, Aurela,for this interview. Congratulationson your pragnancy and the team of Esctoday wishes you all the best.

Aurela Gaçe – Feel the passion (unplugged version at the party in Düsseldorf)

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