Germany: Big 5 special cruise

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Today the delegations of the BIG 5 countries,along with their respective representatives and press members took a cruise on the Rhine. Lena, Lucia Perez, Blue, Raphael Gualazzi and Amaury Vassili got the chance to mingle with each another and enjoy the sights and sounds of Dusseldorf.

esctoday's Spanish editor Sanjay Jiandani attended this special event thanks to RTVE and was able to gather all the momentos from this exclusiveevent.

The BIG 5 countries organized a special cruise on the Rhine today, where the guests were treated to the best of German cuisine and delicacies. Artists, delegates and accredited press got the chance to mix, mingle and chat with each another. Everyone enjoyed the sights and sounds of Dusselforf and lunched together while crusising the beautiful Rhine.The accredited press gota chance to film and interview the artists with the background of the beautiful landscape and scenery of Dusseldorf.

Lena, Lucia Perez, Amaury Vassili, Raphael Gualazzi and Blue all performed their respective entries and performed a special song together for all the guests who attended this event. We saw Lena dancing and singing to Lucia's song, while the Galilcian artist performed the Spanish entry. Amaury and Lucia sang for each another while they were being interviewed on Spanish and French television. All the artists seemed to agree that the Spanish entry wascatchy and happy!Lena was more than happy and honoured to welcome all the artists to her home country.

Stay tuned to esctoday for more information on this party. We would like to thank TVE for inviting us to this special event.

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