BigPoll 2011: So far so good

by Michalis Vranis 37 views

Esctoday's BigPoll 2011, the biggest and most accurate predicting tool online is approaching to its final week for this season. This is an update giving some more information regarding the current results of the poll.

BigPoll 2011 was launched this year on March 14th 2011. It is still undergoing and includes three different ballots. registered users have been casting their votes since then predicting the outcome of how their countries will vote to the upcoming Semifinals, having in mind side effects such as the juries, diasporas votes and neighbor voting.

The three ballots are divided in three categories. Semifinal 1 (closes on May 10th at 17:00 CET), Semifinal 2 (closes on May 12th at 17:00CET) and 43 Participants ballot (closes on May 14th at 17:00 CET). There will also be one more ballot of the 25 finalists which will open after the end of the second semifinal and will last until May 14th at 17:00 CET. The results of the polls will be revealed one hour after each poll closes, and of course complete scoreboards will be available the next week after the contest.

Even though there were some misunderstandings regarding the polls, probably this is a good opportunity to explain what each poll means. On the Semifinal polls, the users are predicting how their country will vote in the semifinals. The same thing will happen with the Grand Final poll which will include only the 25 participants of the May 14th Final. As far as the 43 Participants poll is concerned, this is a huge test which BigPoll is about to face this year. We decided to introduce a poll which will give the chance to all of our users to give a complete lineup of the 43 participants and of course predict the winner. The 43 participants’ poll will face a crash test on Saturday, May 14th, versus the Grand Final poll.

BigPoll is unique for many reasons. First of all it is a system which is being updated annually in order to provide as accurate as possible votes. That means all the votes are counted, crosschecked and validated using various scripts (as mentioned on a previous report on BigPoll). Also this predicting system is the only one that gives the option to change again and again your votes. Since BigPoll wasn't built to announce the winner but to predict the winner, users must take into consideration all factors affecting the performance of artists (eg rehearsals) and their performance, and thus the votes they will get.

So far so good

Since the last update few changes were noticed on the Semifinal 1, even though there are 4 countries that got null points (surprisingly). The same thing happens on the Semifinal 2, but this time 5 are the countries that got zero points. The most surprising finding that the comparison of Semifinal polls and 43 Participants poll is that 11 countries got null points. Maybe the number isn't a surprise but that at least one of the countries that got zero points in the semifinal, they get points on the 43 Participants poll.

What you should remember:

  1. Consider BigPoll as a way to predict how your country will vote. Trying to spoil the result by voting pro or against your favorites or non favorites doesn't help the outcome of the prediction.
  2. Follow the rehearsals of the participants and change your votes until each poll closes.
  3. Hurry up because the closing time is approaching!

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