'Ebonique asked to represent country X'

by Ralph Thommassen 76 views

Mieke de Jongh, a member of the group Ebonique who ended up 2nd in the Dutch Nationaal Songfestival in 2001 and 4th in 2003, said to Eurosong.be that they''were asked to participate for a country, but not for The Netherlands, in 2004″.

At the Nationaal Songfestival in 2003 they were the big favorite of all the participants. Even though Ebonique was the runner up in 2001, Esther Hart won the Nationaal Songfestival, Ebonique reached a 4th position, a disapointment for three female singers.

Mieke said:“I think that in The Netherlands, they don't know which song to chose, but always send the wrong song to the Eurovision Song Contest. Even when an artist is one of the best singers at the Eurovision Song Contest, you won't be sure of a good position appearantly”.

Eurosong.be asked Mieke de Jongh if a new participating in the Dutch preselection is thinkable, but she gave a mysterious reaction on that: “We have already been asked, but we can't tell anything about it right now. The only thing we can say is that it's not for The Netherlands. A new participation in the Dutch preselectoin even possible, but that depends on the song we get offered”.

On the question if it has something to do with the Maltese componists from their last song Heatwave they said: “No, it has nothing to do with him, but we want to keep al the options open, we want to be asked”.

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