Interview: Amaury Vassili motivated for victory

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This year's French hopeful Amaury Vassili spoke with The singer who is placed on top of the odds to win the Eurovision Song Contest talked about his career and the will to give France a victory.

Welcome Amaury, what made you to accept the invitation to perform on Europe’s favourite show?

It’s a great honor! I’m really looking forward to perform in front of 120 000 million people. I didn’t think twice when I was asked if I would like to represent France. Moreover, the song I’m going to sing is really beautiful and I hope people will enjoy it as much as I do.

Your song Sognu is performed in Corsican. This is the first time to hear this language in the contest since 1993. How did the idea come up?

First of all, Corsican is close to Italian, which is, according to me, the best language to sing my kind of music. Second of all, I am glad to show Europe the cultural richness of my country. This song was already supposed to be on my latest album, but now I’m glad it wasn’t so I can sing it on May 14th.

Do you think your song which is unique will help you stand-out from your competitors?

I don’t know if my song is unique, but it’s true that my musical genre is quite unusual in the Eurovision Song Contest. I see it as an advantage, maybe people will like something different from what they expect in such a contest.

Describe the experience during the video shoot for your entry in the Eurovision Song Contest.

It was amazing! I had never been to Corsica before that and this part of France truly deserves its nickname “The Beauty Island”. It took us three days to film the video-clip. The reception of the people there was really nice and they liked the fact that I will sing in their language. It was a fantastic journey!

How are you preparing for your performance on stage? Will you keep it simple or extravagant?

I think I will keep it simple. More than in other musical kinds, lyric-pop is before everything about sharing emotions and feelings. Especially in this song that tells the story of a man looking for his lost love. Therefore, I’ll try to give everything and to concentrate on my emotions more than on a fancy costume or stage-direction.

According to the bettings you are amongst the hot favourites to lift the trophy in Dusseldorf. Do you feel any pressure?

Not really. I don’t really pay attention to what is being said around the contest, including the odds. I’d say that it gives me even more motivation, but pressure, no. I am working hard for this performance and I know I will be ready on May 14th. That is all that matters!

You went on to receive double platinum on your debut album. How challenging is to do well in the French music industry?

I’m aware that only a few have the success I had with my first album. I know I’ve been lucky too. But I don’t want to rest on the past, I’m always looking for future challenges, that is the only way to progress I think.

What are your future plans after the Eurovision Song Contest?

First, I have some promotion to do for my second album Cantero. Depending on the result in the Eurovision Song Contest, I might have even more to do! After that, I’ll start working on my third album in which I hope I’ll compose a few songs.

Any special message to your fans and those who will watch this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?

I just hope they will enjoy my performance on May 14th and if they do, maybe they can help France to win this contest after 35 years.

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